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  1. The truth about why women with great bodies are more successful? In general sexy women with big ass, mature women in tight pants, hot models with big butts, women in tight dress with hot gallery pics on instagram means naughty women. With this kind of woman it is not good to have a relationship. She will destroy your life. She wants one thing, your resources, your car, your money, your home and the most important, your rich friends. A hot wife in sexy and tight mini dress is for naughty men. Hot, big and sexy ass in tight pants just for you? Hard to believe that women with great bodies means indifference. A youmg wife with beautiful tits, sexy legs and charming eyes is for your rich friends. Sexy cleavage and big ass in tight pants at the picnic and your friend unmarried and without girlfriend remains indifferent? Let's be serious. On the same note hot moms with deep cleavage and with sexy ass in tight pants means sooner or later single mothers.

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